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About Voltalia distribution business line

Acting as a Distributor on a global scale, since 2008, has enabled us to supply more than 900 MW of solar PV technology, making sure that distribution is always accompanied by knowledge and services that add value for/to our customers in the residential and industrial sector.

The distribution business line of Voltalia, is specialized in the distribution of Solar Equipment: modules, inverters, mounting systems, batteries, monitoring systems, PV components and residential kits.

Our mission

The Voltalia distribution business line commitment is much more than just quality and service; we are also highly involved in environmental protection to in the research and development of new photovoltaic solutions to build, together with our clients and partners, a safer and greener future.


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Our specialized scope in the distribution of PV modules, Inverters, Mounting Systems, kits and components, has a complete and highly adaptable portfolio of products to fulfill each clients' needs.

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Our Partners

K2 Systems
Alosín Solar
Solar Energy Kit


  • PHILIP ELLERY has been providing PV Solar solutions to UK Solar installer companies since 2010, priding himself on building strong reliable partnerships throughout the supply chain.

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  • Take a look at the Voltalia Distribution Business Line catalogue and brochure and learn more about our products and other interesting information.