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PV Inverter GoodWe - GW50K-MT

PV Inverter GoodWe - GW50K-MT



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GoodWe GW50K-MT three-phase PV inverter is suitable for medium and large scale commercial rooftop and ground-mounted solar PV systems, its compact design and power boosting function allows a faster return on investment.

• 30% DC input oversizing ratio

• 15% AC output overloading ratio

• Smart monitoring for 13 strings

• Full-load running at 50oC

• Integrated bussman fuse for panel protection

DC switch + Lightning Protection -DC Type II + Lightning Protection -AC Type II
Product Warranty 5 years
Environmental Protection Rating IP65
Nominal AC Power [W] 50000
Number of MPP trackers 4
Maximum Efficiency 98.7%
Maximum Power 65000

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